swimIt’s summer! Vacations to the beach and pool day are right around the corner. Are you protecting all your hard work from the damaging effects of chlorine and salt water? Without proper hair care, your lovely natural do could become dry, damaged, and frizzy. Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain the health of your natural or transitioning hair while also enjoying a cool and refreshing dip in the water.

Before You Swim

Deep Condition: The day before you go for a swim, deep condition your hair. This will provide your with a super boost of moisturized goodness!   Seal With Oil: After deep conditioning, seal your locks with oil. Since oil and water don’t mix, a lightweight protectant oil will not only keep the moisture to your natural locks but also repel water’s attempt at getting in.   Wet Your Hair: Right before you dive in, wet your hair with clean and fresh tap water. This will keep the chlorine or salt water from getting in. If your hair follicles are a sponge, then you’re soaking it up with neutral water as another barrier to the chlorine and/or salt water.   Swim Cap (Optional): While swim caps do not keep all the water away from you hair, it does minimize the amount of water exposed to your hair while also not allowing for the motion of the water to rub against and through your hair. Bonus: You’re hair will also stay tangle free!

After You Swim

Rinse: After your lovely time at the beach or pool, make sure to rinse your hair very well. Before you apply more chemicals (shampoo & conditioner) to your strands, rinse away the chlorine/salt water before it has a chance to dry! Try to do this procedure for a good five minutes to ensure all the chemicals are removed   Use A Clarifying Shampoo: Wash using clarifying or normalizing shampoo as soon as possible after you swim in order to remove any additional the chlorine or salt buildup.   Deep Condition, Again!: After you shampoo, it’s good to do another deep conditioning session to restore the moisture back to your hair.   After your lovely summer vacation in the sunshine, make sure to give your hair stylist a heads up on your next visit. They will be able to tailor their regimen to protect and maintain your locks all summer long.